Jul 12

The Right Eye

On the Friday of the 4th of July weekend, I went into the Lasik center to have my right eye done. I’ve been jonesing for this awhile. My right contact was becoming unbearable and people thought I was crazy, what with wearing glasses with one lens in, and one lens out. Having a bit more familiarity with the procedure now, I made sure to get my meds ahead of time, to bring some games to amuse myself during the wait, and so this time around was much less stressful.

Over the weekend, I was in a Vicodin-induced haze for two and a half days, pretty much doing nothing but sleeping. My eye hurt, but less so than last time, and I felt like it was healing faster. One thing was bothersome: there was some weird foreign matter in my contact, that scratched a bit. But, the doctor was pretty responsive when I called him, and said that taking the contact out would cause more problems than a piece of whatever that felt scratchy.

Today’s the 11th day after my surgery, and up until now, things have been going pretty well. I feel like I’m healing fast, and my two eyes are slowly reconciling. I have been getting a bit of double vision for the last day or so, and that’s troubling, but I have a feeling it’s also quite normal. I’m determined to just staying calm and letting my eye heal with the help of healthy food and lots of rest.

I’ll make sure to update more as things progress. My left eye feels normal, like it’s always been this way. Which is awesome.


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