Oct 1

Happiness is Perspective

The last week or so I had the opportunity to catch up with some friends I hadn’t chatted with in awhile. Every one of them started off with some iteration of, “It seems like you’re having a rough time…” It’s interesting because I’m ok! My time is not rough! I have a great job which keeps me busy and an apartment I still marvel at. I live right on the outskirts of The Center of The Universe, which means there is always something to do.

Is my love life a small disaster? A bit. But I have a roof over my head, good friends, and all the veggie food I want. I think a couple of things factor into the sad shape of my blog. One, I’m writing thousands of words a month for another website. Two, my social life is picking up, and last, I’m working. I work quite a bit, and so when I get home oftentimes I just want to relax. So, unless something inspires me, I’m not writing.

If you are a friend, and want to hear from me, just call. I look forward to it! If you’re abroad, email and skype are great, although I am still a horrible emailer. I’m sure I’ll be blogging more soon.

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