Oct 3

One way street

One thing that’s been a topic of conversation for me has been adult friendships, particularly in New York. A friend of a friend moved here recently and we’ve been hanging out and spending time together. It’s hard enough moving to a city where you don’t know very many people. Complicating that is that everyone here promises you that they would LOVE to hang out with you, and then they never do, claiming to be too “busy.” So you feel like you’re basically begging these people to just be your friend and they are just too cool for school. It’s obnoxious.

A great example of this happened to me a month or so ago, when I met these girls that just fell all over themselves to talk to me and promised that we would be BFF. I take that with a grain of salt anyway, but we did make concrete plans. Plans that I went to and they bailed from, leaving me alone at a pub crawl. I reached out to one for drinks another night, only to be told that she’d get back to me, except it never happened. She did email me though recently… To hit me up for money for a charity she works for. And not only that, but $500 to boot.

I’m not even going to get into how many friends (with my phone number) wished me Happy Birthday over FaceBook rather than call or text. Way to keep it personal!

I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to reach out to people, and my new friend feels the same. When did grown adults think this kind of behavior was appropriate? No one is too busy for a phone call or an hour talking over drinks once every couple of weeks or so. Everyone sees through that bullshit. And if you don’t care to? Them don’t bother hitting them up for money.


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