Oct 15

Mini breaks

I’m in Miami this weekend for work. People were jealous, and to that I respond: jealous that I have to work Saturday? I’m missing all the great views outside for the inside of my hotel…

But I think the thing to do is to take mini breaks. Find an hour where I can explore the outside, and see something cool. I did this in Orlando, walking around Downtown Disney and I spent a couple hours at the San Diego Zoo this summer when I found myself traveling and working ridiculous hours. It takes the edge off.

The hotel here is near the water, and so I walked along the marina and watched the waves lap the coral-strewn shore. It was more relaxing than anything I’ve done in what seems like ages. Also, because this is south Florida, there was kitschy goodness to be had! Three large chairs made out of mosaic tile, each representing a different religion or culture. It was awesome seeing these monuments on my walk. I hope you enjoy them.





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