Oct 19

That’s two and a half months

I am currently in a rent dispute with my landlord. I moved in April with one rent. I installed an air conditioner on my own dime and am now being charged five dollars more. Whatever, it’s on my lease. It sucks, but I signed. Now, because of improvements made on the building before I moved in, they want to charge me even more. Given their formula it would be a grand total of… $1.62.

Yes, that’s right. I am disputing an increase of a buck and a half. But still! Principle! I anticipate losing this dispute because in NY rent stabilized apartments, landlords have very specific equations in regards to rent increases.

So that postage I paid totaling about $5 to dispute and come up with evidence? That would have covered the increase for the next two and a half months alone. But I pay it gladly. For the principle.


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