Oct 24

We are lucky every day

This morning I woke up smelling gas, and when I went into the kitchen, I saw that one of the knobs was turned slightly so that gas was leaking out all night. Check that, because I stopped cooking at 7, so it was leaking for a good 12 hours. Instantly, I opened the kitchen window and brought in a fan to get the gas out. In what I can only describe as a psychosomatic reaction, I started to feel dizzy and sick. But, at this point, I think my apartment is free of gas.

Some days I’m grateful to be alive, and happy to be so lucky.

So of something goes wrong today, or I get depressed about my life (It is, after all, the time of year we all get the blahs), then hey, at least I didn’t suffocate to death in my sleep.

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