Oct 27

Game-Hating Socialists

Thinking about the #Occupy protests, and how they’ve really evolved has gotten me thinking. Of course, I support people protesting the corruption between the financial industry and the government, and how the wealth gap has gotten larger and larger. Something really needs to be done about it.

Which brings me to Three Card Monty, and how it is interesting to see the media and politicians at first ridicule, then revile, and finally become afraid of this movement. I believe strongly that the government should be afraid of the people, not the other way around. So this video by J Smooth really captures how I was feeling about the movement, and the intersection of media and government:

And then I came across this quote, which just goes to show how things really do work:

My part of Oakland is full of poor people. There’s at least one murder a week. Old creeps pimp out teenaged girls in broad daylight. You can buy crack or heroin 30 feet from my door, and two of my neighbors have been held up at gun point this summer. And the City of Oakland says they don’t have the police to stop any of that.But a bunch of people protesting the fact that rich people got a bail out and everyone else got nothing? The city shuts them down tight. Bang. Done. Riot act.Do you ever get the feeling you’ve bean cheated? I do. Every day.

We have a lot of problems in this country. Bringing out the big guns on people who did not tank our economy, but protesting the million dollar bonuses of those that did, is messed up. The game is rigged, but we can’t say anything because we’ll get muscled out.


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