Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I usually love to dress up, get my makeup on, and go out to have a good time. Yesterday I had a lovely time at a haunted house. I went with my ex-boyfriend, who decided to go in with me despite his hatred of horror. It was really cool! The costumes were amazing and the people were really creepy.

One of the things I didn’t expect was how not-scared I was. I think this is because of watching movies as a really young child and being scarred from that. At the haunted house, I was looking at all the detail, so when someone came up and screamed at me or told me that they wanted to eat my face, I smiled and then the actor got frustrated with me and my lack of screaming and went on to other people that were more easily frightened.

I consider myself lucky In this though: one girl ran into the street after being chased by a guy dressed up as a clown. Which is kind of silly because the traffic is actually much more dangerous than an actor dressed up as a clown.

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