Nov 5

The heat is on. Literally.

The law in New York it says that all landlords have to pay for heat. However, there are specific rules that the landlord must follow to obey the law. First, the landlord must turn on the heat by October 1. However, the landlord only has to heat the apartment to 68° when outside it’s 55°. My heat didn’t get turned on until almost the end of October. It’s on full force now! Living on the top floor has its advantages for heat-lover like me. While others would probably be sweating or opening up a window, I’m loving how cozy it is in here. The only real drawback is that I don’t really have a feel for how cold it is outside. So, sometimes I’m a little under dressed.

But hey, at least I’m cozy inside. I’m enjoying everybody else’s heat. These steam radiators really are the best.


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