Nov 1

So… I’m a little late to the game…

Jack-Not-John If anyone was ever in doubt about the frequency with which I check my email, you can rest assured that I only check it once a week, if that. Because, we have a new member of the family, courtesy of my ever fertile sister. And I totally blew it on the whole “knowing” thing.

Welcome Jack (not John) Ryland G.! I hope that you have already purchased your snark-ometer and helmet, because this whole life thing is a bumpy ride! Please also allow me to wonder where your middle name came from. No one tells me anything.

Jack was a stunning 8 pounds 12 ounces and 22 inches. That’s lighter, but bigger in metric, so good thing we don’t use it here. And one even better thing: it seems that aforementioned sis has continued the tradition of having truly cute babies right off to bat. Usually newborns are so pinched and old-man-wrinkly looking, but I don’t think that’s true for this family. After all, the nieces were also of the truly cute variety as well. Good genes!


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