Jan 4

It’s almost perfect if you don’t mess it up!

I posted my chili recipe on a message board for healthy chili recipes. Some guy just posted this reply that stated that he ‘made little changes’ like adding pineapple, taking out the tomato paste and doubling the mushrooms. Then he went on to tell me that while my chili was really good, I was right in that it was ‘almost’ perfect.

Well, sure it’s not, when you take out a component ingredient, add one that drastically changes the flavor, and then double something that isn’t supposed to be the bulk of the dish! I always get annoyed at Southwesterners (mainly Texans, frankly) who say that you can’t have beans in chili. Mostly, because it’s not true. I’m pretty sure that chili originated with beans seasoned by meat, and people added more meat as it got less expensive in the later half of the 1900s. But Holy Sacrilege, Batman! I think I understand their frustration with people trying to make a soup and call it chili! Just because you add chili powder to something doesn’t make it chili! And then to go on and condescendingly diss my (pretty damn authentic) chili by implying it could be better when you didn’t even make the same dish? What a tool.

And for the record, if it’s got pineapple in it, it’s not chili. You don’t put a tropical fruit into something created and honed in a desert.

As it turns out, I made some chili this weekend. So, I’m going to go ahead and enjoy my smoky, savory dish the way it was intended to taste.

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