Nov 8

Like Yule in November

I couldn’t take watching the polls after 11pm last night, so with some races to go, I went to bed. And to awake to such a sight – the Dems winning control of the House and gaining seats in the Senate – was like the December holidays all coming to call in November.

I am definitely looking forward to the first woman Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi better do what she has said she will do, though. A balanced budget, anti-corruption legislation and a check on presidential powers. What else could a girl ask for?

I am disappointed about some races. A Lamont victory in Connecticut and Jon Kyl being unseated in Arizona would have made my year. But I’ll take the bad with the good and see what the Dems come up with in the next two years.

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I voted straight ticket. Usually, there’s at least one Republican I like. But this time around, there needed to be a clean sweep of Republican greed, and I’m glad that it happened in my district (which went all Dem – also, I believe for the first time in decades), as well as the country.


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