Feb 2

Subway Scare

After getting onto the subway platform, I just barely missed my train home. While waiting for the next one, I heard scuffling behind me one platform over and I saw two rather large men pushing each other on the steps. As one of the men tries to get away, the other cold cocked him in the face. Seeing what was happening in slow motion, and being powerless to stop it, I shouted at the men from across the subway, “HEY, I will fucking call the police, you stop it right now!”

Seriously, I don’t know what gets into me sometimes. I knew I was relatively safe, being a platform away, but still.

The puncher ran up the stairs and for a panicked second, I entertained the thought he could come after me. But, no. I did sort of get a couple people out of the New York stupor, and at least one man asked what happened. I said in the loud voice I reserve for shit stirring, “Some guy just punched that guy and now he’s down.” And he was, the guy was still down and out. I continued yelling that he needed medical attention and the man I was talking to ran up the steps to get the police or an ambulance.

He came back and let me know the puncher was in cuffs and medical people were on their way. Relieved that the guy on the ground was finally getting attention, I got onto the train. But I will definitely be thinking of him. I hope he’s ok.


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