Nov 13

Not Only Ointment

I went to GNC yesterday to get more protein powder for the aforementioned protein diet. I was pretty excited, as the powder I found was about 100 calories for every 20g of protein and less actual mix. Less powder = easily consumed milkshake. This morning, I cracked it open and opened it. I shook it around a bit and saw something that looked like the edge of a scoop. I grasped the edge and pulled it out.

It wasn’t a scoop.

I really don’t know how a fully formed fly can actually find itself perfectly preserved in a powder. Like many parts of bugs in average food, it shouldn’t it by all rights get mashed in the mix, leaving me blissfully ignorant? But no, it was whole and lightly dusted with protein powder.

Many thoughts went through my head in the instant I plucked it from its grave. Had I still been in the Peace Corps, I would have probably just shrugged, chucked it, and made myself a shake. For a second, I thought of doing that. However, I have other, more squeamish people to consider. My second thought was one of frustration , as I only had the higher calorie shake mix to use today rather than this low calorie powder.

Tonight, we are taking it back to exchange. I’m not outraged or anything, but I do want a new canister. And maybe a coupon for something else. That would be nice.

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