Feb 11

Four Squares

When I come back from traveling next week for work, my office is going to be pretty different. I am moving to another floor and gone will be cubicles. In their place is an “open floor plan” where four of us sit exposed with no walls in one block. No space, no privacy, no ability to muffle voices. It’s like one large, partial cubicle with four people in it.

I am a much quieter speaker than I used to be. In fact, when I go home for a visit, I remember how loud I used to be because sometimes my family makes my ears hurt with the volume. And they were just talking, it wasn’t a fight. We are a loud people, my family. I occasionally got in trouble for it as a kid, but didn’t understand why, because… doesn’t everyone talk the way we talk? No, no they don’t. Living abroad helped, as did going away for college. But when I am feeling emotional (happy, angry, etc) I get louder, and I know I talk on the phone in a loud voice.

So not only will I no longer be able to adjust my underwear at my desk, or eat without anyone watching me, I will also have nothing to muffle my voice. Oh, and did I mention I am in a four square with three other relatively quiet people? Fun times! I am sure they will be had!



  1. Amy

    February 11, 2012


    dude i’m the same! when I go home now i can’t believe how loud my mom is… and she has this super annoying habit of yelling all the way across the house b/c she’s too lazy to get up. But I’m still too loud sometimes too!! Sean just had to shush me last week when we were in the library, oops!!

  2. sepra

    February 12, 2012


    I wonder what high school must of been like for our quieter friends. We were pretty loud!

  3. Tracibub

    February 23, 2012


    Can you imagine the hearing loss the three of us have caused our peers??