Oct 26

Assholes are full of shit

Unlike most of my friends and relatives, I take a train to work every day. One of the more interesting things about taking the train is that you really have to learn how things work individually with each conductor, as they can really make your life easy or difficult.

There’s the mean conductor, who, although he knows me on sight, will not let me onto the train until he sees my pass. Although, I have shown him this pass for the entire freaking month. There is the cool conductor who says hi to me and then doesn’t speak the rest of the time, letting me just unwind. I have almost missed me stop if it weren’t for the conductor who looked like an old college froiend of mine, who reminded me that I get off at my stop.

And then, there was Andre, who has made me rearrange my entire schedule just to avoid him.

I had a great schedule. I got on the train at 7:40am, and got home on the 5:19, and it was perfect both ways. Andre let me onto the train without showing my pass and occasionally bantered with me. It was convenient, easy and efficient. Then, a month or so ago, the bantering turned into flirtation. I caught myself mentioning my boyfriend in every single conversation as a hint. He didn’t seem to care.

Then, about a month ago, he sat down, pushing me towards the window and asked me out. I said no. He moved closer and we chit chatted during the Most Uncomfortable Conversation Ever. Then, as he let me off, he asked me out again. I said no again and left. And then I just felt rage.

As a conductor, he has all the power in a train. He can deny me entry, and make me wait. He can harass me all he wants. He’s also union, and those guys never get fired. And he would have, too, I have no doubt.

How can anyone ask someone out after hearing in conversation after conversation about that person’s boyfriend and how wonderful he is? Someone who doesn’t give a shit, that’s who. Who pushes an already uncomfortable girl into a corner to continue a come-on that is completely unwelcome? See this paragraph, second sentence. He had made me squicked out for some time before this, and I did try to avoid him whenever possible, but this was the last straw.

So up until now, I have come in at totally inconvenient times and wait for the day when I can have my easy schedule again. Conductors move out of that time slot when their shift comes up for review, and he was my third conductor. The fourth should be coming this week, according to the new guy in the morning. The new person cannot come soon enough.

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