Feb 22

The Best Hangover Cure Ever

Getting food poisoning last week made me frustrated because I was stuck in a hotel, unable to follow the food poisoning protocol that I developed in the Peace Corps with one great complement I added in the US. This consists to taking tablespoons of water until I can move up to low sodium broth. Then I can have rice with a banana smashed into it, which I eat in small portions until I can get to real food. This protocol also works for hangovers, but since a hangover is the aftermath of liver poisoning and not stomach poisoning, it isn’t as great as my hangover cure, which is guaranteed to take anyone from the floor heaving and promising to never to drink again to ready to conquer the world by leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

I developed this a few years ago when I was so hungover I didn’t think I would be doing anything that day, and all I had in the fridge were items from my CSA box. Not only did all signs of my hangover subside by the end of the meal, but I’m pretty sure my liver thanked me. I felt so good that I accomplished more than I usually do.

Hangover Salad

2 5oz bags pre-washed baby spinach
Balsamic vinaigrette dressing (or any other non-creamy dressing)
1 avocado, cubed
generous handful of raw, unsalted walnuts, chopped
2 scallions, sliced
handful of cherry tomatoes

Get a really large bowl, and dump the bags of spinach in them. Add the dressing and stir in until the dressing is incorporated. Add the remaining ingredients. Eat the whole thing.

At first, you won’t think you can eat that much salad. If that is the case, halve the ingredients and eat just that one half. This is a basic salad for me most weeks, and I eat half this recipe for dinner on a regular basis. But if really hungover, at some point at the end of that salad, something always takes me over and I become voracious and eat the whole thing. I believe you will too.

If you don’t have all the ingredients, that’s fine. The most important ingredients are the spinach and the walnuts. Don’t add extras though, just keep it simple. The magic is in the plants.

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  1. caroline

    February 26, 2012


    Interesting you say about the vinegar dressing. In many countries they drink pickle juice as a hangover cure. There is something in vinegar that helps with hangovers perhaps? A lot of people swear by salt and vinegar crisps. On my part this would require forward planning or a willing helper to buy the ingredients! Sounds delicious though – I am not going to wait till I am hungover to try this!

    • sepra

      March 1, 2012


      Maybe the vinegar does have some properties. I just know the combo is awesome. I love this salad as well. 🙂

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