Feb 25

Blending woes

My blender is partially broken. This is a huge catastrophe in the world, and I’m pretty surprised that I’m not in sack cloth and ashes about it. The fact is, it still works, but if I don’t stand there and hold it in place, it will grind metal on metal. It still might be grinding, actually, but I don’t smell the grinding or hear it, so I soldier on and pretend it’s not happening.

This is the problem when I invent a system for myself like the Morning Smoothie. My Morning Smoothie is a quick way to get what essentially is a salad into my body each morning. I’ve come to depend on it: if I eat a really good breakfast, everything will fall into place from there. It takes minutes to make, a few more to consume and almost no time at all to clean up.

I can’t really replace it: it’s a high-end, 2hp beast that is my favorite mechanical appliance. So, they are sending me parts to fix it. Until then, my world is in disarray. How can I go so long without blending something?


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