Mar 17

Blogging the Sleep Study

Today is Day 2 of my sleep study. Last night, I got to the sleep center at 8. At 9, they attached these sensors to my legs, my face, and my chest so
They could monitor me. I was attached to the wall by wires. And then told me to go to sleep like normal!

Since there was nothing on TV, I was asleep by 10. The bed is a temperpedic, so it’s pretty comfortable.

It was confirmed that I don’t have sleep apnea or restless legs, so I am undergoing another series of tests where I take naps throughout the day and they monitor me. It’s a little like being the kid in Firestarter, except I don’t have any cool pyrokinetic powers.

I am perennially sleepy, so it should work out. The thing I didn’t anticipate was the little sensors. They had to be added to the top and back of my head with this greasy glue stuff. It’s also on my face, so I feel a little grease-ballish. It also would have been nice to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m more interested in getting to the bottom of what I have.


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