Mar 31

I am a loser again

In early March a coworker and I were sitting in a diner in Manhattan griping about our weight. It has been a month or so of meetings with food that was good, but still full of more oil, salt, sugar, and dairy than I normally eat. Thus, I haven’t been able to fit into any of my suits for a few months.

In the other woman’s case, she went home for the weekend to her family, only for her sister to make fun of her weight. Incensed, she was determined to lose it no matter what.

A few years back I was part of a contest at work based on The Biggest Loser wherein we competed to see who lost the most weight (as a percentage) at the end of a span of time. So, I proposed that we have such a contest.

When I proposed it, she lit up like a holiday tree. A contest is just what was needed in this scenario. As expected, when word got around to our super-serious coworkers, some of them laughed a bit at us, but others joined on. At the end, there were nine in the contest? And we have all put in five dollars. The winner gets the money and bragging rights over the others.

When I did this at my former job, there was some interest in however it wasn’t too competitive. This place is far different! We are sending each other emails with pictures of Nutella or donuts as a competitive ‘sabotage’ and the trash talking is out of control — in a good way. I actually prefer it because it’s good natured, but it makes me in it to win it, so I’ll make good choices.

At the last weigh in, I lost three and a half pounds. So far, so good. I have 17 to go!


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  1. Amy

    March 31, 2012


    Haha that is awesome… the picture thing is hilarious. If I was trying to do that and someone sent me pictures of donuts I would fail for sure!

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