Apr 18

Bad Juju Bookshelf

20120418-090442.jpgThis past week, I ordered a bookshelf. This on its own is no big deal, except the ordering and getting were. I had bought a groupon for a furniture store awhile back specifically because I wanted a bookshelf. When I called and ordered one, they caveated the groupon by saying that bookshelves were in a category that wasn’t covered, that is, “accessory furniture.”

I don’t view bookshelves as an accessory. A girl needs books! So I argued for being able to get the bookshelf on a technicality. They gave in, and sold me the bookshelf, then delivered it Thursday.

Saturday I tried to put it together. Pro tip: even if the directions say to glue the dowels into the holes, do NOT do it until you know everything’s going to fit together correctly. I made two minor mistakes with configuration and after I figured it out, it took hours to get the dowels out. Plus: one smashed index finger, one finger with skin peeled off and a few other blisters. Not to mention a killed back and knees.

At some point, I realized that there was some sort of bad juju going on with this bookshelf. Could the furniture store people, fed up with my obnoxiousness, put the evil eye on it? I called a friend who says she has the gift to remove the evil eye to take the whammy off me. She did, I went to bed, and when I woke up, I was able to complete the assembly and get that bookshelf up.

Of course, with me wriggling out every dowel out, I’m sure it won’t hold up to being coughed on, but I’m entrusting my figurines to it anyway. I really screwed the screws tightly! In any event, I also put some of my evil eye beads in a bowl on the shelf just to be on the safe side.

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  1. Amy

    April 18, 2012


    Oooh that is a pretty bookshelf!!