Apr 22

Weight Loss Contest Week 5

This past week was also a wash. A half of a pound loss and I’m at a loss too. I’m planning on some cardio tomorrow but I have niggling doubts in the back of my mind. Every time I exercise like this, many times a week, I never seem to lose. It’s always after I stop and just diet that the weight falls off.

It could be the type of exercise too. Conventional wisdom says that lots of cardio helps drop the weight. But conventional wisdom also said a high protein diet would do the same, when the opposite is true and I just needed more veggies. Maybe what I need is something like Pilates, with some weight training thrown in for bone health. It would be a relief – I hate cardio with a passion. I would rather do anything than ride a stationary bike or run on a treadmill.

I was finding that my approach was a little disordered this past week, and all for nothing. So, I’m staying on plan but not religiously tracking calories. Hopefully I’ll do better at the weigh on this coming Tuesday.


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