Aug 19

The Magical Properties of Wasabi

I love sushi. I especially love the taste of wasabi and soy sauce mixed in with sushi rice. I make my own sushi and I go out to eat it and sample new sushi recipes.

Sometimes, however, the wasabi is very strong. I love it even when my eyes are streaming with tears and I feel as if any mucus that ever was is cleaned from my sinuses forever. The only time it becomes a problem is when I have a huge california roll in my mouth and it’s hard to breathe.

The night before last, a wedge of wasabi attacked me and lodged in my throat. I coughed to expel it, and a chunk of yasai maki flew out and hit the boyfriend right in the eye. I was horrified, but then started to laugh, and tried to swallow the roll before I choked completely on it. The boyfriend and I were laughing so hard that it was difficult to even finish dinner.

Suffice it to say that, despite having paid for dinner, I am going to be paying for that one a while longer.

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