Apr 26

Weight Loss Contest Week 6

Well, apparently, there was no need to fear! I won this past weigh-in by a full percentage point. Something in my body gave way and I started losing again. I’m down about 10 pounds since I began this thing, and so I’m halfway to my ultimate goal.

My immediate goal was met this morning when I tried in the pants of my smallest suit… and they fit! I was so pleased, I did the Dance of Weight Loss Happiness. I now fit into all the suits!

This presents me with a little bit of a conundrum. If I lose another 10, will I not be able to fit into my suits again — this time because I am so small? I suppose it’s a nicer problem to have.

I still don’t think I’m going to win the contest. The guy behind me started at over 200lbs, and is now going on a juice fast. But I’m going to keep trying. This feels good.


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