May 22

After the weight contest

I know I haven’t been updating about the weight contest with any regularity, but events have conspired against me. 10-12 hour work days and workout schedule precluded posting. But I did win this contest, and I won by quite a margin! I lost a total of 13 pounds, which was about 9.7% of my initial body weight.

Since then, I have been an unrepentant binger of cookies and hummus. Not together.

Some of my coworkers wanted to do a round 2 of the contest, so because I still want to lose seven more pounds, I rejoined. Today I got on the scale and it measured nine extra pounds! I’m not sure what happened. I certainly didn’t eat nine pounds of hummus in a week! There was definitely something going on with my body chemistry or food weight or something. But clearly, I need to stay on the wagon regardless.

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