Feb 26

Going to Santiago

With the brutality that was Finals Week behind me, I am heading off to my Global Immersion in this program. My destination: Santiago, Chile, where it will hopefully be a sunny 85 degrees for the duration. In the meantime, I can only hope that Pennsylvania gets a bit warmer so it won’t be as biting when I get back.

I still don’t have an internship. Leaving the country for two weeks when I would otherwise be ramping up my search again doesn’t feel like the best use of my time. Particularly when I have more international experience under my belt than 98% of the people in the program. Since it’s required, I have no choice. I should also mention that I am being graded on this trip, and there will be assignments that must be handed in.

For real, graded on traveling and meeting business leaders? If I don’t get an A on this just by existing, then there is something wrong.

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  1. Amy

    March 1, 2009


    LOL sometimes when I hear about MBA assignments I feel like Spock… I just want to say “that’s illogical”. By the way, you should stop by Costa Rica on your way home!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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