Jun 3


One of the concerns I’ve seen about the new movie Snow White and the Huntsman is that Kristen Stewart can’t act. And I agree with that: I think she really only has one facial expression, and even in real life doesn’t emote. But I will say this: in this movie, it kind of works for her.

I remember during the heyday of The Matrix, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about Keanu Reeves. Dude can’t act, not really. But he’s hot, and endearing, and given the right lines, comes off well. In that movie, he was perfect because all he really had to say was, “What?” and “Woah.” Keanu is really good at saying those two things, so he was dynamite in the first movie. It was only in the next two that his weaknesses started to show.

That was the same case for Kristen Stewart. All she had to do was look lost and confused throughout this entire movie, and she was golden. Let Charlize Theron act circles around her and it would still be okay, because that’s what people expect anyway. I predict that when all the reviews come in, it will net out that KS was convincing in this role. I agree, if she can hold onto this niche she will, like Keanu, go far.

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