Jul 3

Things people say to vegetarians, pt. 2

The second thing that people like to do to newly-discovered vegetarians is soliliquize about their own love of meat. Yes, I mean you. You did it too.

A typical conversation looks like this:
“Oh, you don’t eat meat? How can you live without meat? I couldn’t live without meat. There is nothing I love more than a thick, juicy steak. Rare.”
“But, clearly I don’t feel the same.”
“Yes, but I mean, you’re missing out on so much. I can’t even feel full without something meaty in my food.”
“I disagree.”
“That’s crazy. I mean, don’t you ever crave it?”

I think you see where this conversation is going. The funny thing is that these people aren’t even paid by the meat lobby. They should be.

What is it about vegetarianism that makes omnivores so defensive? What makes them want to ramble on about how meat is the most wonderfullest, perfectest food in the whole universe when faced with someone that doesn’t like it? I like beans, but I never went on about how tasty they were when I realized that my boyfriend hated them (I was guilty of asking “why”). So what is so important about meat that people have to insist that others concur with them on the taste factor?


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