Jun 14

War and Religion


On Facebook the other day, one of my friends posted that religion was the greatest cause for war. After giving it some thought, I’m pretty sure it’s not. Of course, being interested in sociology and all, I tried to do a survey in my head of all the wars I could think of in the last 50 years. Of all of them, only the Iranian Revolution, the Sandinista/Contra war and the war in Bosnia even had a religious component. Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, and the Arab Spring countries (Libya, Tunisia, Syria, and Egypt) are about other things.

Of course, the thread was taken over by anti-Arab racists pretty quickly and it devolved into OMG Islam!Israel!Nazis!!! and Godwin’s Law was taken out and abused horribly. (For the record, neither Mussolini nor Hitler were religious, and they fought with the similarly unreligious Japanese.)

Of course I try not to stay too long in threads like that because my brain explodes when white people get scared of non-whites who speak a foreign language (or even the same one!).

But I think it’s a good question! Can you think of any war, other than the Crusades, where religion was the main reason? I can’t, for the life of me, and believe me, I’m trying!

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