Jun 21

New computer!


In 2007, after much chest beating, I decided to switch from a windows PC to a Mac. And that Mac has served me well for the last five years, through school and article writing and website building. About two years ago, I knew it wasn’t going to really be long for this world, so I started buying things in anticipation for the next generation, but I always put it off. My current Mac was fine.

Lately, the processor has just become obviously old, and it’s doing this flickering thing in the screen. At two years past warranty, it wouldn’t be worth it to get fixed. Additionally, it was using disk space to compensate for memory, which is never a good thing. So, last weekend, on a whim (but not really — see two years of preparation), I bought a new one.

Of course, by ‘new’, I mean ‘new to me’ because I also saved quite a bit of money as well.

Apple has a refurbished site where you can buy MacBooks at a discount steeper than a student discount, and they are covered by warranty and have all the best parts. They just tend to be a little older. So, I bought a newish MacBook Pro 2.8 Ghz with 4GB memory (not ideal, I may get more later), and 750 GB of disk space, and I saved about $150 there. I had purchased the Adobe Master Collection with a student discount, saving about $1500, and then I got the Microsoft Office Suite through work for only $10, saving about $100. The only thing that would make things cheaper is if I lived in Delaware, or had a shipping address there, so I could have saved a couple hundred more in sales tax.

Computers are expensive, particularly the kind that are well-made to last (as I believe Macs are). So I’m glad that I was able to do this! Since last night, I’ve been so busy loading software and updating, I haven’t gotten a change to really enjoy anything, but I look forward to exploring my new software soon.

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