Aug 31

Since Carter/Reagan

While people were watching the Olympics and cheering their team on to the gold and silver, I was quiet in anticipation of my own favorite Games. The story goes that as early as 1980, I was watching the American election process, not missing the conventions or the debates.

It surprises people to know, since I am very liberal, that I love the Republican National Convention. But I do, although not because I identify with their politics. The parts of both conventions I enjoy the most is the pageantry of it. Delegates, as the true believers of the party, come together to cast their ballots for the candidate that wins the primary election. I love their crazy statements, their pride. For someone who hated pep rallies as a teen, I sure do love the adult version.

What I appreciate about the RNC rather than the DNC is their tightness. There’s little room for dissent or anything other than following a very scripted path. The delegates know this — as soon as they get their fake “handcrafted” signs, they are on stage.

The speakers are also given at least two scripts to follow and it’s always interesting what that the subliminal message is. In the last election, it was that Republicans weren’t racist. So the camera focused disproportionately on the 5 minorities at the convention, and the speakers really hammered home that black, Asian, or Latin friend or family member.

While the official slogan was carried through nicely as “We can build it,” this year’s secret message seems to be “We’re the 99% too, y’all!” It’s why Ann Romney tried to make her father and George Romney seem poor, and everyone talked about how his or her parent didn’t go to college (because we equate that to being poor although it did not impact success in that generation). I thought that Ann and Mike Huckabee were the best at being folksy, it’ll be hilariously entertaining to see Mitt Romney try to pull it off. John McCain was still a little tough to take.

I’ve really been enjoying this year, and can’t wait for the DNC, which is always a disorganized mess compared to the Republican lockstep.



  1. Tal

    September 1, 2012


    On that note, have a look at this website:

    It asks you a long series of questions and identifies who you side with most in each of the categories.

    The really interesting answers can be found if you select “Choose another stance”…

    P.S. Yes, I’m still alive….ALIVE.. I’M STILL ALIVE

    • sepra

      September 4, 2012


      I’ve taken this before and ideologically, I am 94% with Jill Stein and 92% with Barack Obama. On the other hand, I would never vote for a Green Party candidate because it would be like throwing a vote to the Republicans.

  2. Tal

    September 1, 2012


    P.P.S. Just noticed that there’s also a slider on the left where you indicate how important an issue is to you.

    Also you can have it display more questions for certain categories if you press a small link at the bottom of each.

    See? Alive!

  3. Tal

    September 1, 2012


    P.P.P.S. Just noticed your comments section filters out anything in a triangle bracket, so let me fill in what was missing by replacing the triangle brackets with parentheses:

    First post: after the last “ALIVE” there should be a (guitar solo) and (g)

    Otherwise it just seems weird! (g)

    Second post: (s) at the end (smirk)

    See? Less weird now, right? (VBG)