Sep 18


A short time ago, Mother Jones published a fundraising speech by Mitt Romney where he disparaged 47% of Americans by implying that they are freeloaders. After the video, my news feeds were blowing up with this “shocking information.”

I might be the only one out there that feels this way, but I watched the video and thought: Sounds like a typical closed-door fundraising speech to me. Maybe this is like the time where I was really disappointed in the ending of the movie The Sixth Sense. It went something like:

Me: I thought this movie had a twist at the end?
Friend: Yeah, Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.
Me: No kidding. He was shot in the heart in the first scene! And the kid he was talking to could see ghosts! That’s not a twist.
Friend: I kind of hate you right now.

Is this what is going on here? I’m actually more shocked that people are surprised Romney feels this way. Of course he does, he’s been telling you that all along! Frankly, I’m not sure why this is news, and I’m not convinced that it will affect him at the polls.

I do think that Romney’s complete inability to pivot is what will get him. In his press conference the next day, he said that of course he wasn’t talking about the middle class. He lurves the middle class! Except the problem with that is, Americans can do enough math that “47%” has to, mathematically, include the middle class, or we have more problems in our country that we think.

What he could have done is make it a greater topic of how government should help us get jobs or lift us up, rather than create a government that can be used as a crutch. I don’t agree with that necessarily, but it fits nicely within some Americans’ ideology. Mitt Romney needs to include in his panel of “top consultants” a five year old child. At least at that point there would be someone there with more logic.

Didn’t we have 8 years of stupid? America, please elect the person with at least a modicum of intelligence.


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