Nov 30

10 Protips for Guys on Dating

1. When the girl you’re dating texts you, “I’m a bit drunk and SO MUCH FUN!” Do not call her and begin talking about your mother and how her insurance rates are out of control. Actually, your mother should not be part of that conversation.

2. When said girl asks you to come on a Saturday overnight trip with her that includes staying at a luxury hotel on the waterfront for free, don’t turn her down because you have to pick your parents up from the airport on Sunday night.

3. If you cancel two dates in a row, go out of your way to set up the third.

4. When you’re sharing your favorite things with each other, don’t end the conversation with, “Nope, mine’s still the best.”

5. Stop flashing your money around. You don’t want to date the woman that cares if you have a $6k watch, and the woman who doesn’t care thinks you’re gauche.

6. When the girl you’re dating is funnier or smarter, just say so and congratulate yourself on punching above your weight. Don’t try to make her jokes unfunny or imply she’s a ditz.

7. If you are talking on the phone, let the other person get a word in edgewise.

8. It’s okay to share political beliefs with each other. You don’t have to argue or convince the other. You also don’t have to shut conversations down either.

9. If the girl you’re into is a marketer, don’t show her a video entitled, “All Marketers Should Kill Themselves” and then laugh like its the funniest thing in the world.

10. When you call the girl you’re dating, don’t complain for an hour each time about the same stupid shit. It just means you can’t take care of yourself.

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