Dec 30

View from Lunch in Bali

One of the amazing things about Bali is that I got to eat delicious food, and in settings that were just spectacular. Not to take away from my favorite New York cafes, with their cozy, exposed brick and their perfect ambiance, but being in tropical paradise definitely had its advantages.

The first place that it occurred to me to take a picture of my lunch views was this beautiful pagoda-type restaurant set with a view of the rice paddies. There are rice paddies all over Bali, because that’s the main crop there, and many families have their own plot of rice to plant and harvest for themselves (and then to sell the extra). I got bitten by about a thousand mosquitoes whenever I got within looking distance of one, but the view was absolutely worth it.

I was also at a mountain restaurant with a patio hanging over a cliff. We could see a large volcano off in the distance. My traveling companion, D, had actually hiked that the second day we were there, getting up at 2am to drive there and then hiking it so that she reached the top at sunrise. I, on the other hand, was more content with just seeing it from afar since my idea of a good hike is walking uphill on a paved road.

The day before I left, I wanted to make sure that I had been to the beach. White Sand Beach (so named because its sands are slightly whiter than the other yellow sand beaches), is a rarely traveled beach on Bali and so it was very clean, with just enough tourist activity to ensure we got beach chairs, umbrellas, and a restaurant. If you order food, you get the chairs for free.

These places are just a snippet of the awesome things I saw on my trip. More to come!


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