Jan 13

Why New Yorkers annoy me sometimes


1. I am working out at the gym, on the power rack (which essentially means that the weightlifting bar has safety catches so the bar can’t fall on you). There are four power racks at the gym and about a dozen body builder types. The lady next to me is using her power rack to attach rubber bands for resistance training. She never uses the bar. When guys come over to see if they can use the bar, she tells them she’s using it. Yeah, to hang her towel on. Seriously? You can attach those resistance bands anywhere, why do you need the one piece of equipment that’s crucial for serious weightlifting without a spotter?

2. I work out about a mile from my house, and so I usually take the train there and back. Today, when I got out of the gym, the train stop was closed, so I walked home. I found out from a cop that someone had jumped in front of the train at my stop, so they had to close the Queens trains down for a few hours. I asked if he or she survived, and they didn’t.

The lady next to me listening to this immediately asked, “Well, how long will the trains be down? Is it both trains, or can it be just the one?” Really – a person took their own life but your mild inconvenience is somehow more important? Also, maybe I’m odd, but if there is a dead body in the station… I’m not going into that station and I don’t care what side it’s on.

New Yorkers can be wonderful people, kind and compassionate. But there are 8 million people here and I keep running into the insensitive thoughtless ones.

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