Jun 12

Vegetarians taste better

Another cow is reported to have a probable case of mad cow disease. If the tests come back positive, it would make this the second cow in two years to be found with the condition. Naturally, cattle producers are a bit anxious, seeing as how foreign countries were very quick to ban American beef the last time. It’s interesting that when Europe was having their big epidemic and the reports of people dying were coming in, the USDA was very quick to assure us that American beef was safe. Now that it’s been years since the first case of mad cow disease cropped up in Europe, we’re the ones having the problem. We’re the ones still using blood feed on our beef cows and generally being sloppy.

It sort of makes me wonder why some places still don’t offer more vegetarian fare. One cow a year for the last two, and they could potentially be killing off their customers with cows that were never caught and tested.


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