Jun 10

But I still had to wash the dishes

When I first heard of vegan ranch dip, I was a bit skeptical. As much as I love tofu, I thought that maybe it wouldn’t go so well with a packet of ranch dip mix and the juice of one lemon. Too healthy. I mean, if it were really that easy, wouldn’t all those “low fat” ranch dip makers be using tofu instead of low fat sour cream?

Well, I guess it just proves that low fat food makers aren’t as bright as they’d like to think.

I just added the juice, a packet of ranch dip mix and a 16oz package of soft silken tofu and it was just as good as the regular, with a ton more protein to make up for all the lost fat. Tofu can have a chalky undertaste, but adjusting the lemon juice solves that and with some onion, bell pepper, tomato, and carrot all shredded and mixed together, wrapped in a flavored tortilla, I have a very tasty veggie wrap.

Too bad everyone at the office is a carnivore, so I can’t make them all jealous with my mad culinary skills.

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