Mar 12

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

I have been paying attention to that story of the kid who supposedly plotted to kill the president. It really seems like the US is putting itself out there to be criticised. If the kid was tortured, then his entire confession should be thrown out. Not only is torture a despicable way of getting a confession, but it’s a really crappy way of getting the truth out of anyone. Who wouldn’t say anything to stop a beating? I know I’d confess to pretty much anything.

Not to mention, now no one will ever find out the real truth. Any confession under torture must be invalidated. If Ahmed Omar Abu Ali did in fact plan to assasinate Bush, then he will be back out on the streets. His conspirators will never be captured and justice won’t be served. If he didn’t, then he will have this following him around for the rest of his life. Thanks to the overzealous Saudis and the Justice Department for screwing up yet again.


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