Dec 9

Consuming for charity

On the way back from Kohl’s tonight (it was their 50% off sale), I asked my mother why she would buy a product that purports that all the proceeds would go to charity instead of… just donating to charity. My mom’s reply was (and I paraphrase) “What else is there but to buy more stuff.” Meaning, “what else can we do as Americans but consume, consume, consume?” This made me uncomfortable, because I really don’t like to get down on Americans but I really wonder sometimes why they (we) have to always buy more stuff when they already have more than they need? Why does my niece have to have a new stuffed animal? She has a closet full already. Why do people buy into commercials that say “Indulge in that $500 spa treatment! You need it!”

Seeing stuff like that makes me feel like I’m not in reality. In (my) reality, kids are just as happy playing with sticks as they are with action figures. Likewise, for most people, a good night’s rest and a little help from their friends would be better than any spa package.

Having said all that, I will point out that I was the only one who bought anything at the sale. My mom didn’t get anything.


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