Nov 24

Things to do, now that I’m back!

Things I have done in America so far:

  • Seen the Jersey shore
  • Gotten together with my family
  • Had a spat with my mom (ah, in record time!)
  • Eaten a lot of food
  • Tickle tortured my neice.
  • Was overcome in the mall at all the consumerism and had to sit down and stare at a water fountain until my blood pressure went down
  • Talked with two friends I hadn’t talked to in a long time
  • Tried to talk to more, but… foiled again!

It’s weird being here, it’s almost indescribable. I keep walking around in a daze, unable to comprehend all the things that have changed and why some things haven’t. Applebees is still the worst restaurant on the face of the earth. Friday’s (the restaurant) is second only because they have an entire low-carb menu, but only one thing that’s unintentionaly vegetarian. There are skin conditioners out on the market that you put on in the shower and then wash off like you would with your hair. And don’t even get me started on electronics or television. I don’t even really understand what Tivo is but I’m really excited about this on demand stuff. I still have snarky thoughts about why anyone really needs 900 channels, but I keep them to my self.

As Dirty D would say, I am one po-dunk chick.

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