Nov 3


There once was a kingdom. One day a man from another land came to visit, and arrived on the same day as an execution. He saw the prisoner tied to a post and the gunmen standing in front. But before a shot was fired, the King addressed the prisoner. He said, “You have been condemned to death, but all is not lost. I will give you one chance, if you walk through that door, to save your life.” With fear in his eyes, the prisoner looked to the door in front of a long tunnel. But he was too afraid and shook his head no. The gunmen took aim and shot the prisoner and it was all over.

After the dust cleared, the visitor asked the king, “So, what is beyond the door?”

“The door leads right outside,” replied the King. “Whatever prisoner chooses the door will live. But no one ever chooses it. They would rather stay with the fate they have than try for a better life. It is too frightening for them.”

That was adapted from somewhere, I can’t remember where.


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