Jul 21

The other night I was being driven home in a taxi that was an American model car.  Or at least a modern model.  It had shocks, which is what really impressed me to tell the truth.  I got to thinking about what makes a hot car.  Like the kind of car that attracts girls like flies to honey.  Now, I’m not so picky. I hate to drive, so I’m actually wary of cars in general.  But, if a car has shocks, I’d be ecstatic and if it had a seat belt I’d be in heaven .  In the States though, I think there was certain criteria for what made a “chick magnet.” 

The first thing a car must have is a bit of muscle.  No wimpy little v-4 engine for us ladies.  A v-6 is good, but v-8 will get even scaredy-cat Sepra to sit up and urge the driver to go faster.  The other important thing is if it has a manual shift.  There’s nothing that makes a driver look and feel more in control than shifting gears.  It’s not about the reality of gridlock-inspired leg cramping, it’s all about the “all-powerful” image that a stick shift conveys.  Of course a car must have all the amenities too, like shocks, seat belts, and cushions, but really, I think it boils down to how manly a car is. 

For me, the hottest car is the Pontiac Firebird.  It looks like it could get a speeding ticket parked.  Although I prefer the earlier versions, the 80s series also reminds me of Knight Rider and other kitschy television shows, which is cool.  With all the choices that we have in America, I’m surprised that we don’t seem to have cars like that anymore. 


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