Jun 2

Lectrice from the Blackboard Jungle asked what us teachers think about when we are making sure no one’s cheating on tests. Do we think about marks or holidays or even sex? First, I should say, if our students had any idea about what we thought on a day to day basis while teaching, they would be shocked. Or for that matter, what teachers talk about when the students aren’t around. I certainly am, and if I had found this out as a student, I would have acted very differently in school.

My thoughts have run the gamut to all of the above and then some. My favorite fantasy while administering tests though is that I’ve been given the power to make my students fluent English speakers. This way, I can teach them about more interesting things like the world, creative thinking or just be able to talk like we were all human beings. In my webdesign class, the students are all relatively fluent, so we can joke around and have a good time. While learning.

The other thing I do is think about what I would do if I could be omnipotent for a time. I make lists. I would be the best Peace Corps Volunteer ever. I think I would solve the Aral Sea disaster first and then give my students fluent English skills. I often decide which governments would benefit from a bloodless revolution, and how the logistics would be accomplished.

Side note: I will be on my way to Prague in about 12 hours! It’s pretty exciting.

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