Jul 28


I have a 60 day gap in insurance between quitting my job and going to school. My COBRA is $523.39 per month for health and $29.73 for dental, which I have to elect by September 2. The reason I was going to go on COBRA is in case I get into an accident, then I am covered. Uncovered, I also have to pay full price for my prescriptions ($160 in July) and my out of network provider costs ($900). However, the money I wold be reimbursed is $130 for the prescriptions and $200 for the $900 I actually spent. So I would be spending $523.39 for a reimbursement of $330?

The dental is worth it. The health? Not so much.

I am seriously considering waiting for August 15th, and if I haven’t gotten in any accidents, just not continuing coverage. I can always do so retroactively, after all. Is this a smart idea or am I playing a dangerous game with my health?


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