Jul 24

Hope it doesn’t come up in the shuffle (when people are around)

Today on one of my favorite blogs, Feministe, they are talking about the five most embarrassing tracks on our iPods. There are some embarrassing ones in the comments already (although I will maintain that having the entire Meat Loaf discography is not embarrassing… mainly because I too have many Meat Loaf tracks). Here are some of mine

1. I do have a soundtrack of all the Russian television show theme songs from 2004. I would be embarrassed if a Russian person were to hear them.

2. All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You by Heart. I love Heart, but this song makes me cringe in public. In private I belt out the lyrics.

3. There are several Wiccan/ New Age Songs that I love but if caught in the shuffle, Tony will run to to change rather than subject himself to the drums and chanting (“The Earth is Our Mother… We must take care of her!!” Ahem.)

4. I Touch Myself by the Divinyls. See #2.

5. Simarik by Tarkan. I love this song, but would be mortified, again, if someone who is familiar with the cheesiness of Tarkan were to hear it on my shuffle (He is the Turkish Britney Spears. Without the crazy, but with full pop cheese). And to find out that I had memorized the words. In Turkish.

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