May 9

I’m 24!

After looking at those web advertisements for a long time, I finally took the test at RealAge. Apparently, while I am 28 years old, my body is in fact 24. That’s good news!

Although, I really think the test is lacking and some of the age calculations are completely arbitrary. Like, did you know that going over the speed limit can age you? Yeah, neither did I, but my habit of going 5 miles over means I am .3 years older than I could be because “going over the speed limit shortens your life expectancy.” Which is okay, but it wouldn’t age me, that makes no sense. This isn’t supposed to be a life expectancy test, it’s an aging test.

Also, the nutritional analysis isn’t there. They keep saying I get too much saturated fat. But, I don’t eat meat, and very rarely eat dairy, so where is all this saturated fat coming from? Nowhere, that’s where. But they didn’t ask, and there isn’t an “are you a vegetarian” question on there, which really makes me wonder about the whole test.

I liked the test, because it was okay after all, I just wish they wouldn’t be so shady and arbitrary.

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