Sep 2

Ah, still no comments. Well, the cool thing with that is that I can post inflammatory material and no one will call me on it. Heh.

Well, the first things is that we had our independence day yesterday and the celebration for it the day before. After the celebration though, all the electricity cut out for the night and this morning there was none too. (I hope it’s working now because my frost bitten freezer is going to flood the whole fridge if it’s not.) Anyway, so I worked a bit today (it being the first day of school) and then went here. And what did I read but the new issue of Newsweek. You know, the one about the blackout? I think it’s funny that Tashkent (the biggest city in Central Asia) loses all power to half the city on and off for going on 3 days now and no one even thinks anything of it except thanking whatever power that they had candles, and when New York loses power, the world ceases to exist. Newsweek was calling it “The Great Blackout of 2003” like it was this catastrophic event. I know a person who’s region didn’t have potable water for 8 years. That’s a catastrophe. Woah, I did say it was soapbox time, huh?

In a way, I think it’s funny. David and I used to joke (which really means I teased him) about him being a computer-person-major and that he would have no job if the power went out. He would always counter that it could never happen. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, getting on to things that David won’t gripe about in an email – the first day of school was today. It was anticlimatic: an interesting ceremony and then the director told me there were no classes so I could go home. Which I didn’t want to do since I had no electricity. Tomorrow apparently we will talk about the time table, but really teaching isn’t even a serious thing until October, if it is here at all really. It’s so chaotic that I won’t even know until tomorrow who or what I’m teaching, if it’s tomorrow at all. But I hope I get to teach about the UK and America, because I have some great materials now from my mom coming and the London trip (all those free brochures! Yum!) so I’m a little psyched. Anyway, it’ll be nice, and I hopefully will get to do cool stuff with the teachers.

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