Aug 31

So I’m back from London, trying to get things done. I had no food in my refrigerator so I had to pop open one of the precious cheese packets my mom gave me for mac and cheese, but luckily I got veggies last night and perfected one of my spaghetti sauce recipies so it was really good… I really like the vegetables hereā€¦

London was a blast. I didn’t realize how much I needed a vacation away from this place until I was away. It was nice having running water you can rely on and streets that don’t contain unmarked, open manholes. I did quite a bit of shopping and bought some pants and a couple of sweaters that I look damn good in, as well as a shirt from the once-a-year Notting Hill Carnival that I also look good in! All in all it was a good city. Definitely had its ups and downs, but it was like all the things I love about Tashkent with all the stuff I love about Phoenix too. I’m definitely a city girl. I am thinking pretty hard about going to grad school there now. If I could get either financial aid or a job while I go to school there, I’ll totally jump on that.

School is starting in two days and I haven’t lesson planned at all. I really suck. So instead of doing the million things I should be doing, like lesson planning, I bought 2 CDs (Shania Twain and Panjabi MC) and am blogging. You know I often wonder about my teachers when I was a student. Did they slack off this much? But then conversely, they probaby didn’t have to work like this either, what with having a steady textbook and a teacher’s manual and all.

song: panjabi mc – jogi

book: elizabeth berg – range of motion

(no time to surf!)

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