Aug 12

So I’m back from Nukus. Jesus, what a screwed up camp that was! I mean, sometimes people just don’t see things that are right in front of us. The American director was making sex jokes in front of the kids all week, and you know, not all of them understand English so well, but some of them really did, and so everyone knew what was going on. Then, when, at the talent show, the kids made fun of the American in question, she just laughed and thought it was a good time! It may make me a prude or whatever, but I was appalled. I mean, Uzbekistan is not very conservative, but there is just some stuff that is pretty wrong almost universally, and tring to take clothes off people, including 15 year old boys is one of them. I was so humiliated just being a part of it, not to mention that the self-same director told me I was being culturally insensitive by jokingly saying that “turbuculosis is a sexy disease” because her family may have heard the word “sexy.” Yeah, can’t say that when host mom and dad aren’t even listening at home, but she can say things like “jumping on me is encouraged” in front of 45 13-15 year olds! Sorry, I’m just getting this off my chest.

Anyway, I’m going on vacation tomorrow and I’m excited. Mom’s coming on the 14th I think and we’ll do the tourist thing and then go to London on the 21st. I’m really excited to be going some place where people speak the same language and won’t stare at me wherever I go. Also I think, being in Uzbekistan will help my mom see where I’m coming from when I go back home. Without her getting any culture shock I hope.

All in all I hope it will be a non-stressful experiance.

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