Mar 23

There has never been a good war or a bad peace. – Ben Franklin

Okay, so here’s the sitch. I have been getting all these American emails going, “Are you ok? Will you be leaving Uzbekistan?” The answer to that is: Absolutely not! Uzbekistan is incredibly safe, probably safer than being in America right now. People in Uzbekistan love Americans, probably more than anyone else in the world right now. They have this delightful habit of divorcing Americans from American politics which is helpful, because I’m pretty divorced right now as well. But anyway, they are really really afraid that we are going to go away again (Uzbekistan was evacuated in 2001) and while we don’t think that will happen, I think we all got a little antsy when our families all told us about the bombings on the news. So please do me a favor: please please please let people you know (or even better congressmen and women) that we are all very very safe and loved here. We in no way want to be evacuated and are all in the middle of helping Uzbekistan help itself. And as much as I bitch and moan about certain personal situations, I am happy here most of the time….

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